About Us

The Pro Tech team stands behind the products that we represent and install. Guided by your outcomes, we design and integrate these automatic systems into your home or office. Your satisfaction and trust are our goals. Because of this, we develop long-term partnerships with each of our customers. We maintain and nurture our ongoing relationships with all customers.

We are a team of educated, talented, and certified experts. We represent all facets of the electronic systems industry. Our goal is to take an active role in providing our customers with technology that is valuable to our customers.

Working with our customers; Pro Tech designs home automation systems for new and remodeled homes throughout West Texas. We listen to our customer's dreams and desires and design a system to match those wishes. Once we understand the outcome, we select the most efficient and effective equipment to complete the project and stay within budget.

Pro Tech will provide the systems you would like in your home. Whether you enjoy an evening watching movies or your favorite television program or perhaps you just prefer listening to background music; your custom A/V system will provide you with the options to match your current wish or mood. By incorporating your home-automation-modules into your home’s design, you have the benefits of first-class electronic hardware without the mess of cables or the normal assortment of remote controls. You will be in charge of your simplified technology. Your home security, entertainment, and communication system will be designed to provide single touch enjoyment with the beauty of being out-of-sight.